Topology in Physics, May 28-June 12, 2017

About the program

  • The program is preliminarily planned to be hold around May 29 – June 12, 2017.
  • The subjects will be of the applications of topology in condensed matter.
  • The program will be accompanied by an international conference: “An International Workshop: Topological matter meets quantum information” which is jointly organized by Department of Physics and Astronomy, SJTU and it will be hold on June 13-17, 2017. The confirmed speakers of the international conference can be found:
  • It will involve two or three lectures (talk 40 mins  + 20-30 mins discussion) and some informal discussions on each working day.
  • Accommodations will be provided by TDLI.
  • There is no registration fee.
  • Due to the limited number of participants, the non-invited speakers' registrations will be verified by the committee and we will contact you when it is approved.
  • Travelling costs can be partially supported for some non-invied spaeakers.

Scientific Coordinates

  • Jinfeng Jia (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  • Liang Fu (Massachusetts Insititue of Technology)

Organizing Committee:

  • Liang Fu  (MIT)
  • Jinfeng Jia (SJTU)
  • Qian Niu (UTA)
  • Xiaoqun Wang (SJTU)
  • Fuchun Zhang (KITS)

Confirmed Invited speakers

Hong Ding (IOP)
Xi Dai (IOP)
Ke He (Tsinghua U)
Timothy Hsieh (KITP)
Xiangdong Ji (SJTU)
Shuang Jia (Peking U)
John Michael Kosterlitz (Brown)
Feng Liu (Utah)
Junwei Liu (MIT)
Yang Qi (MIT)
Dong Qian (SJTU)
Ying Ran (Boston College)
Shun-Qing Shen (HKU)
Jian Wang (Peking U)
Jiannong Wang (HKUST)
Congjun Wu (UCSD)
Shuyun Zhou (Tsinghua U)
Zhenyu Zhang (USTC)

Location: Conference Room, 4th floor, Tsung-Dao LEE Library (PS: you need to use the card in the elevator for operation)

Schedule of Topology in Physics (click to download the full schedule )

 Application for participation (The application site is unstable due to system update. If you can not apply successfuly there, please send registration information directly to  Registratiion form: in Engligh, In Chinese )

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