Professor Elisabetta Barberio from University of Melbourne Visited Tsung-Dao Lee Institute

On May 29, Elisabetta Barberio, the Professor of High Energy Physics in University of Melbourne visited Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University. Senior Prof. Xiangdong Ji of TDLI greeted her.

Prof. Elisabetta is a member of the ARC Center of Excellence for Particle Physics at Terascale (CoEPP) at the University of Melbourne. She is an experimental physicist studying the elementary particles and their interactions at the ATLAS and Belle II experiments. Prof. Elisabetta is one of the initiators of Australia’s first dark matter direct detection experiment which is under construction.

Now she is working with Jeremy Mould and Anthony Williams on the construction of an underground laboratory in Australia and they are interested in initiating a collaboration with China on Dark Matter direct detection and possibly other underground experiments. Prof. Ji warmly welcomed her and introduced the Particle AND Astrophysical Xenon (PandaX) Experiment to her, which is the deepest underground dark matter searching experiment. Both sides showed big interests in future collaborations, like visiting each other, establishing student exchange program and so on.

After the meeting, Prof. Elisabetta was invited to visit the Shanghai Laboratory for Particle Physics and Cosmology, with the company by Prof. Jianglai Liu and Prof.Ke Han. Prof. Yong Yang and Prof. Ning Zhou also attended the meeting.