2016 Nobel Laureate in Physics Prof. John Michael Kosterlitz Visited Tsung-Dao Lee Institute

On May 31, Prof. John Michael Kosterlitz visited Tsung-Dao Lee Institute, he was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in physics along with David Thouless and Duncan Haldane for work on condensed matter physics. All staff of TDLI showed warmly welcome to him.

Senior Prof. Xiangdong Ji showed him around the Tsung-Dao Lee Library, introducing the learning and researching experience of Prof. Tsung-Dao Lee.  When watched the video that Prof. Lee was awarded the Nobel Prize, Prof. Kosterlitz reminded his own experience for that and shared his feelings about the award ceremony.

After visiting the Tsung-Dao Lee Library, Prof. Kosterlitz and Prof. Ji had a meeting at Tsung-Dao Lee Institute. Prof. Ji gave a introduction of TDLI and discussed with Prof. Kosterlitz about the missions of TDLI. Prof. Kosterlitz was very glad to be here, he said it's a wonderful visit and he also learned a lot of new physics. And he was very impressed with the state of physics here in China and he believed that China will soon be the world leader for physics. They exchanged gifts in honor of this communication.

In the afternoon, Prof. Kosterlitz also gave a master lecture with the tiltle "Topological Order and Defects, and Phase Transitions in Two Dimensions" in the lecture hall of Tsung-Dao Lee Library.